Hello, ladies and gentlemen. Today we’re going to be talking about helping you choose a good domain name for their website.

Domain name is quite important for your website, you can buy domain names in many extensions such as .com, .com.au, .net.au, .biz. Usually the lesser known domain are available such as .me, .us, .info, they seem to be less valuable than common extensions like .com and .com.au. In order to purchase .com.au, you must have Australian Business Number (ABN).

Ideally, when selecting your domain name, the best option is the perfect matching domain name, it could be your company name or main keyword within the domain name for example webadvice.com.au would be a perfect match and webeesignandseo.com.au would be a main keyword in the domain name.

Here are some guidelines for local businesses when searching for the ideal domain name.

– Only choose .com.au or .com unless you are non-profit organisation then you can use .org

– Make sure it is correct spelling

– Don’t use Hyphens or numbers

– Don’t put pty ltd

– Don’t abbreviate your domain name

– Keep your domain as short as possible

Good luck

Paul Thumachiewan