Alternative tag/text or know as ALT tags that web browsers will use to describe and image, as you may know that google bot can only understand he text based characters so it is impossible for them to recognise images and what visual an image contains. With the Alt tag, your image can be indexed and also it can be found only Google Image search. It’s typically helpful for SEO purposes!

What to add on the alt tag – Basically Your alt text should accurately and concisely describe the image.

How to Add Alt tag on WordPress website

1. Log in to your WordPress Admin by Go to

2. Enter user name and password

2. Simple go to pages/posts -> Click Edit

3. Search for your image then click on edit as see on screenshot below

4. Enter your ALT Tag onto Title and Alternative Text as below

5. Don’t forget to click update button

Alternately, the code can be added manually with code editor, simply adding below on the img syntax as below

alt=”Smiley face” eg <img src=”favicon.png” alt=”Sample of Favicon on the web”>

How to check on the website?

After the tag has been added, you can check on the image when you hold your mouse over an image, if you adding the code correctly, you should see the text popped up as below image